Trust the magic of new beginnings and suddenly you know that it's time to build something new
-- Dr. Dolly Setia
French Tweets
Sois belle à ta façon !  This classic French phrase means 'be beautiful in your own way'. French is a beautiful language in itself. If you’re just diving into the French language, then you’re in for a treat. Start your journey to becoming a true Francophile with our YouTube channel, French Tweets. It’s a platform that facilitates French language learning through interactive learning pedagogies and also by online classes by French and Francophone experts.

Learning a foreign language opens additional doors to opportunities for studying or working abroad. One such language is French. Millions of people around the world express their willingness to learn it in order to gain a competitive edge and acquire cognitive benefits.

Founded by Dr. Dolly Setia, French Tweets offers an incredible opportunity to those who want to learn French online. Enamoured by the nuances of the soft-spoken language, she launched this engaging channel to promote French learning for both educational and professional purposes.

Knowing French backwards and forwards, she promises to help and encourage people who want to learn French for DELF and DALF certifications or are eager to take French for immigration. French Tweet’s video tutorials offer exclusive learning resources for exams like TEF Canada, TCF Canada, TEFAQ and TCFQ that test French proficiency for immigration purposes.

Our first video on basic French greetings was uploaded on 9th May 2020. Inspired by the overwhelming response it received, we took a step forward and started delivering French lessons on different topics like phonetics, grammar, phrases, expressions, and vocabulary. Learning a new language is an ongoing process; therefore, our online classes are curated in a comprehensive way to ensure that we cover almost all aspects of French learning.

Our work speaks for itself, and this is reflected in the fact that today, we are one of the most popular online French learning platforms. At French Tweets, learners get access to exclusive study material and exam strategies prepared meticulously by our founder Dr. Dolly Setia in collaboration with other global experts. Numerous TCF and TEF Canada aspirants who have benefited from our video lectures are a testimony to this fact. Numerous immigrants have cleared their French exams with scores as high as CLB7 or plus through our well-crafted online lectures. The success stories of learners who gained proficiency in speaking and writing French through our YouTube channel approve of our unwavering dedication and relevance.

French Coach - Learn French from the comfort of your home...

French Coach is an e-learning platform that promotes French learning and culture through live online classes for learners all across the world. Our highly accredited live classes make it easy for beginners to learn French online from scratch.

We have a dedicated and qualified team of French language experts who leave no stone unturned in delivering the best lectures. They are au courant with the latest teaching methodologies and are highly competent at teaching French for different levels.

Whether you are a newbie in the world of French or almost fluent, you will always gain a lot of knowledge from our top-rated French instructors. We believe that interaction is the key to learning a second language. Taking our online classes will feel just like a physical French language class where you are discussing with your classmates and also sharing notes and videos with your teachers.

TEF, TCF, TCFQ, TEFAQ, DELF, or DALF, no matter what test you are preparing for, we have well-structured online live classes designed for each session. French is a tricky but charming language; therefore our teaching methodologies have been planned to simplify the learning process. We make online classes fun and exciting for our learners by giving them a variety of exercises and activities that enhance their language skills up to the hilt.

Join our French Coach community of learners and learn anytime, anywhere!

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