“It’s not the speed that takes you to success but the right direction chosen by you.”

-- Dr. Dolly Setia

TEF Canada, TCF Canada

Why Choose Us For French Immigration Exam Preparation?

Pas ma tasse de thé !  Did this French phrase go over your head? It means ‘not my cup of tea’. It’s common to think that French is ‘Pas ma tasse de thé’ when you do not get good CLB scores in French immigration tests. French Tweets can help you learn more such phrases and improve your French speaking and writing skills so that you perform well in immigration exams and communicate with people overseas.

Every year, a multitude of people take French proficiency tests for immigration purposes, but unfortunately many of them are not able to crack the test due to lack of language skills. Want to know how you can ace the exams? The only way to ensure that you have a competitive edge over others is to enrol yourselves to French Tweets’ online classes. We cover a wide array of immigration tests, such as DELF, DALF, TEF, TCF, TEFAQ and TCFQ

Our Francophone and French language experts follow an accelerated learning approach that builds on your existing knowledge so that you learn French for immigration faster and in a smarter way. In addition, our Test specific courses are extremely exam-oriented, where learners get to learn various shortcuts, strategies, tricks and methods to score well in tests. Having helped numerous learners clear French language tests, our instructors exactly know how to achieve a high score and boost the overall points for immigration.

The idea of learning a new language can be intimidating at first, especially when you’re learning it from scratch. From grammar and vocabulary to speaking and writing, there’s so much on your plate. However, attending French classes from native teachers will help you overcome your fear and gain command of this beautiful and widely spoken language.

We believe that some of the best learning happens in real-life situations. So before you move to a foreign country, we make sure that you experience the environment in which you’ll be required to use French. Our sessions are highly interactive where you can ask your doubts from Francophone experts and practice the language with your peers over French Tweets’ chat groups. Our trained language experts are experienced enough to make French learning fun for you with quizzes and one-to-one interaction.

Exams can indeed leave the best of us feeling stressed. Different exams have different formats when it comes to French language tests. Our French language instructors use the right templates and questions specific to each exam in order to make sure that you get to learn in a natural exam environment. With our well-structured class plans, right strategies, and expert guidance, clearing French proficiency tests will be as easy as falling off the log.

Knowledge is of less value unless you put it into practice. Our Exam preparation courses are meticulously designed in a manner that you get to practice a lot of mock tests. We also give you model answers for recent and past exam questions, so you have all the required study material. With everything at your disposal, no one can stop you from cracking the immigration tests and flying high to lead the life of your dreams. Stop worrying about your upcoming French immigration exams because we promise to guide you through the journey until you achieve the desired results.