“The limits of the language mean the limits of the world. If we speak a different language, we are able to perceive a somewhat different world.”

-- Dr. Dolly Setia

French Classes

Part de gâteau !  Want to know what it means? Well, it's a piece of cake! Just as learning French is from our online classes conducted by French and Francophone experts. Acquiring fluency in the French language has never been easy-peasy. Our highly accredited online classes offer you the freedom to learn this beautiful and soft-spoken language from the comfort of your home. If you are planning to travel to a French-speaking country or want to improve your oral and written communication for immigration tests like TEF, TCF, TEFAQ or TCF Q then attending our live sessions will surely work wonders for you.

We are known for delivering top-quality French lessons virtually as per international standards. We have collaborated with highly dedicated and experienced French language experts from across the globe to guide our learners and groom their French skills.

Small class sizes are more desirable and effective; therefore, we limit our online classes to 5-8 persons per batch. This helps instructors give one-to-one attention to everyone attending the live sessions.

What’s a thought without language? And what’s a language without interaction? Small groups of learners at French Tweets allow you to speak, listen to, and interact with our French language experts and other learners as well so that you feel connected all the time.

Knowing your peers and connecting with them is the key to personal and professional success. We ensure that you are in touch with your class through WhatsApp groups and do not miss any crucial information or class updates. What’s more? You can also ask doubts and discuss the syllabus and other topics of relevance, with co-learners in the batch. Each group has a French Tweets’ member whose knowledge is up to snuff and who can resolve your queries.

Your safety is our topmost priority; therefore, we use Google classroom, one of the most secure and popular web portals, to facilitate sharing of notes and documents. Fret not, if you missed something in the live lecture, then you can gain access to the desired study material without any hassle.

We are the first choice for people learning French for immigration purposes as we engage learners in writing and grammar activities during online classes for TEF, TCF, TEFAQ, TCFQ, DELF or DALF. Moving abroad for business? We’ve got you covered. Knowing a second language is a bonus for working professionals and we have special Business French classes to make sure that you excel in your field.

We understand that assessment is an opportunity for feedback and help. Our Francophone experts assess the learners through testing their French skills regularly. The class timesheet is maintained to make sure that they are attending the sessions timely. The success stories of our learners are proof that we deliver what we promise and meet expected standards of well-structured online French classes.

Learning a foreign language helps break barriers and inevitably opens a series of doors leading to a more rewarding personal and professional life! Looking for the perfect French online course? The best one awaits you at French Tweets.