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Dr. Dolly Setia

French Language

Being a soft-spoken person myself, I was always eager to learn French, a language that uses no hard words. I fell head over heels in love with this sophisticated language and launched a YouTube channel, French Tweets, to further take my passion to new heights, and promote the learning of French language with immense determination through interactive video tutorials and study plans. It's a great platform for those who want to learn French from scratch to upscale their overall French skills or to take French classes from Native Experts worldwide.

While pursuing my Ph.D. in French literature from the University of Rajasthan, I enrolled in research studies at the Université de Montréal, Canada. It was during my stay in Montréal, Quebec, a Francophone province; I realized that this rich and beautiful language is also a valuable life skill.

From giving lectures at the University of Rajasthan to encouraging more and more people to learn French, I have mastered the French language. Over all these years of learning and teaching French at renowned institutions, I have gained specialization in the language. I take immense pride in covering crucial modules of Masters of Arts in French like Life in contemporary France, French Linguistics, Francophone Women Authors, Francophone literature, History, Civilization, and Culture of Canada.

It's heartwarming to see that my YouTube channel, French Tweets, has already acquired an international presence. It has become a resource for people who want to learn French for immigration purposes. As I know the ropes, I will help you with all my might. Being a DELF Certified trainer and having worked at Alliance Française, I am well aware of the DELF and DALF patterns of teaching French. From beginner to expert level, students have passed DELF, TEF, TCF, TEFAQ, TEF Q and other French Exams with flying colors and have benefited in their immigration journey.

The incredible way in which French Tweets has been received by international audience pushes me to work towards teaching the tricky French pronunciation from the very beginning, which is the core of this beautiful language. For this, we have french and francophone experts to guide our learners on the right path.

Learning a new language can be a tough row to hoe, therefore I make use of contemporary resources and interactive methods in my teaching methodology for those who want to learn conversational French or prepare for a trip to France. The initial popularity of French Tweets inspired me to do better and work with a global team of French Experts to ensure a roaring success for French learners.

Dr. Dolly Setia