Tune into the French and enhance your listening!

Saturday | January 29, 2022 | by French Tweets

Tune into the French and enhance your listening


The country globally popular for its variety of rich opportunities, Canada, became a bilingual country with French and English as its official language in 1969. Nearly 98% of the population speaks either of the two languages or both. 


When it comes to spoken French, the language plays a great role, not only in the academic curriculum but also in acquiring a good place in the society. Having known the language opens a big door of opportunities for the residents or for the new immigrants. 


Of course, a language as belle as French has its advantages but obtaining it can pose some challenges. To help overcome these challenges French tweets provides you with all the knowledge you will ever require in learning this tricky life skill. 


For our aspiring immigrants, in order to acquire the Permanent Residency of Canada, the candidate has to undergo specific exams which test the individual’s language proficiency, such as TEF Canada i.e Test d’evaluation de Français pour le Canada and TCF Canada, i.e Test de Connaissance du Français pour le Canada. TEF Canada and TCF Canada are French Exams consisting of 4 major categories. With minimum distinction between the two, TEF French Exam as well as the TFC French Exam are made up of 4 major categories. Amongst all, reading, writing, listening and speaking, for many, the one category that requires thorough polishing is the skill of listening. In the TEF French test, the listening category contains a total of 60 questions which are further sub-categorised into 4 sections of its own. These sections can further be broken down as-


Section A asks the testee to match the voice with the text;

Section B consists of a short message to decipher; 

Section C comprises listening of a long message to decipher and 

Section D uses phonetics to test the proficiency skill of the individual. 


The person undertaking the test has to do so within a duration of 40 minutes. Each question has 6 points and out of a total of 360 points, a score of 249-279 plus is marked for qualification of level 7. In layman terms, in order to reach level 7, the examinee has to get at least 41-47 questions right.  


As we all know, with a test comes its stress, especially when the test is in a different language than one's own, it further poses a greater challenge, listening can become quite difficult under such intense circumstances. But no need to worry, with our guidance you can encounter this stress and perform extremely well no matter the underlying conditions, after all as they say: “Don't stress. Do your best. Forget the rest.”


Professionals here, at French Tweets, are equipped with techniques that can help their students improve with thorough practice of not only reading, writing and speaking but also very importantly, listening. Having impeccable first hand knowledge about such tests themselves, they are able to train and bring out the best in their students. For instance, section D from the exam mentioned above, TEF Canada, tends to pose difficulty for many as the language is perceived foreign by the testee which makes it harder to detect the tones and phonetics. 


However, with the right assistance and guidance provided using the interactive material at French Tweets, anyone can polish their listening skills evidently well even if the language seems foreign. Providing fresh material for practice such as various TEF and TCF sample papers as well as conducting mock tests along with interactive coaching sessions helps the aspirants gain confidence in the language over time and attempt the test with utmost belief that they will indeed secure wonderful scores. So take a step closer in upgrading your French listening skills by becoming a part of French Tweets. 

To commence an enriching experience, you may register yourself through our website www.frenchtweets.ca . You may also connect to us on (call or WhatsApp) +1 315 791 4420 (US/CA), or +91 9116670170 (INDIA). Our team will be happy to address your queries with all necessary information, class plan, and schedule for the course intended. French tweets is glad to announce its successful ongoing and upcoming french learning classes across the world through French and Francophone Experts having commendable experience in the field of language teaching.