Let us Prepare for TEF Together!


Tuesday | April 26, 2022 | BY FRENCH TWEETS

Prepare for TEF Together


What is TEF? 

How well do you think you know the French language? One of the many ways of proving your French language proficiency is by undertaking an exam called TEF. You might be wondering, now what is TEF and why is it important when it comes to French? Do not worry we have got all the answers you might possibly need. 


Let us start by understanding what TEF actually stands for? TEF stands for Test d'evaluation Français. TEF is one of the many competitive benchmark tests built to assess an individual's skills in the French language. When we take into consideration TEF, precisely TEF Canada, it is a test that comes in handy during the immigration process or obtaining the Canadian PR. Since French is one of the two official languages of Canada, this test can be shown as proof of the applicant's linguistic knowledge of the language. An important federal organisation in Canada, IRCC, has recognized CLB Level 7 in TEF Canada for the purpose of linguistic qualification since 2002. It is deemed valid for the duration of 2 years.



Now you must be wondering what TEF comprises? The structural component is discussed as follows: 

There are majorly 4 categories that TEF consists which are- 

1. Reading Comprehension / Compréhension écrite (CE) - With a given time limit of 60 minutes, this category consists within itself 50 questions given in an MCQ format, which comprise of a total of 300 points. In order to get a Canadian Language Benchmark 7 (CLB 7), the testee has to score minimum marks between 207-232. The testee has to read the test prescribed below and pick the best possible option out of the given. 


2. Listening Comprehension/ Compréhension orale (CO) - Total of 60 questions to be attempted within 40 minutes of time period, with an absolute of 360 points assigned to it, this category attempts to appraise the listening abilities of the testee in the French language. In order to clarify for CLB Level 7, the testee has to score points between 249-279. 


3. Writing Expression/ Production écrite (PE) - Allotting 60 minutes of time period to complete 2 topics to write on in the French language, this category consists of 450 points altogether. The sub-categorisation consists of Section A which is an 80 word article whereas Section B consists of 200 words. Taking 60 minutes to cover 2 topics consisting 450 points altogether this section measures the ability to write in the French language. 

The two topics consist of Section A, which is an 80 word long article, and Section B where the testee has to justify and/or explain your viewpoint in a given situation in 200 words. Minimum of 310-346 points are required to get CLB 7. 


4. Speaking Expression/ Production orale (PO) - This category offers 2 topics to be covered within a 15 minute time period consisting of an informal situation of convincing a friend in a made up situation along with a formal situation about enquiring and asking questions/queries and organising information. Out of the total of 450 points that this category is made of, it requires the testee to score 310-348 points minimum for CLB Level 7. 


Since French grammar has its own set of specific rules, it is important to remember to thoroughly prepare the speaking and writing sections before attempting the paper. 


Evaluation of scores:

We now know all about what TEF is and its structure, but how are the scores evaluated? When it comes to the immigration test, TEF Canada is evaluated according to CLB Levels, there are a total of 10 levels from 4-10. These levels measure proficiency according to the scores obtained and the level reached by the applicant. A detailed scoring chart is provided below: 



Reading (CE)

Writing (PE)

Listening (CO)

Speaking (PO) 





































When it comes to categories with MCQS only the correct answer is given one point, meanwhile the wrong answer is not taken into consideration at all. Where the other two categories are concerned, the total points of a good answer are not assigned that straightforwardly. For the speaking and writing tests there are two examiners who make use of a standardised assessment grid when evaluating the tests. The tests are translated into a calibrated score which takes into consideration the level of difficulty of the test accordingly. 


Preparation and Books:

What is the most significant information to remember while preparing for this test is:

- The complete knowledge of the structure and syllabus of the exam, which is where French Tweets comes in and provides you with all useful information needed readily available at one place. Get access to free French Learning material through the Learning Centre on our website.


- Second thing a potential testee can do is join our live online classes to prepare oneself by undertaking structured courses provided by French Tweets. We prepare you for the exam with the help of native francophone experts who have first-hand knowledge regarding the same. These online classes improve your proficiency level and make the Exam Specific Structure well known to you. The learners who successfully enroll with French Tweets get their level related E-learning material available to them through their dashboard on the website itself. The native experts who conduct the classes also provide the learner with material prepared exclusively by them. Recordings of the classes is also readily made available to the enrolled learners.


- Along with the material provided upon the enrollment, learners can access other fun E-learning material through social media platforms, such as checking out new posts everyday through : https://linktr.ee/frenchtweets_by_dolly  . 


- When it comes to books, you may check out the following books easily available on Amazon, written exclusively by Dr. Dolly Setia : For the A1 beginner's level, https://www.amazon.in/dp/B09P8WNSMM/ref=cm_sw_r_awdo_navT_a_DX9FS7F0RZYVT6J06ZF6 

For the A2 level, you may access the following: https://www.amazon.in/dp/B09P9Q3C1H/ref=cm_sw_r_awdo_navT_a_VCZZP2YDD8DERE2HV6K6


-You may set small goals, aims, and tasks for yourself to achieve on a daily basis. Polish your speaking skills in French, you may do so by talking to your locals in French by joining our esteemed Telegram group through :  https://t.me/frenchtweetsgroup or joining our discord server to engage with others who also seek enhancing their language skills. 



Proficiency Level:

When we talk about TEF proficiency level with relation to immigration, specifically Express Entry, French as a second language is taken into consideration alone, with a CLB level 5 or 6 in all 4 criteria will fetch the candidate 4 points, whereas in level 7 or 8 the candidate gets additional 12 points and 24 points in case of CLB Level 9 or 10. 

When we consider both the national languages, English as well as French, there are 15 points granted in case of CLB level 4 or less in the English combined with a CLB level 7 in French, meanwhile, 30 points are granted in case of CLB Level 5 or more in English combined with a CLB Level 7 in French. When it comes to CLB 7 and more in English along with CLB 7 and more in French, the candidate gets upto 62 points in the Express Entry CRS Score. For applicants with a skill type 0 or A, Level 7 is required. To conclude, one can score upto 62-54 points based on the scores obtained in TEF. 




In order to register, you may contact the nearest Alliance Française centre that you wish to appear in. There also are multiple sites online to register on, while applying by filling the form provided and submitting required information. The applicants can pre-book their dates of the examination on those websites, and start preparing for the exam with us.




At last we come to results, during the results a certificate is issued in which the scores, the level of proficiency reached by the testee and lastly, skills in the French Language are described in a perzonalised manner. The results are sent via the mail or email to the testee within 4-6 weeks after it takes place. If a candidate wishes to take multiple tests, they can do so as long as the sessions have a minimum gap of 60 days. 

TEF has been taken into consideration for years when it comes to testing the French language proficiency of any individual. It is a crucial test when it comes to Canada and its immigration.



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